Pulling strings.

I had my chest CT this morning, it took all of about 8 minutes from start to finish, including having the IV line placed.  I had taken 1/2 of a lorazepam (anxiety medication), but I still felt like throwing up anyway.  I asked how long until I would hear the results: “Two days”, I was told.


Austin was with me, and after the scan was done we headed to my office so we could fax all my reports over to MGH.  While chatting with one of my work BFF’s, Caite, she suggested I ask our ultrasound tech if she could call the radiologist to look at my scan.  That doesn’t qualify as looking up my results…..right?

Many of you probably don’t know this….but I’m just about the most impatient person on the Earth anyway (at least outside of the exam room).  So to be in this situation where I have literally spent the past two and a half days thinking the worst of the worst, the thought of waiting two days was….well, unbearable.

Sweet ultrasound tech, Abby, put in the call to the radiologist and literally 20 seconds later gave me a THUMBS UP.  “It looks fine”, she said.

I now know what it feels like to have the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders.  I have literally never felt such relief in my life.  It’s glorious, and I’m goin’ with it!

So, I have “only” one cancer to fight now.  And it feels great.


8 thoughts on “Pulling strings.

  1. This is such great, encouraging news!! I am so happy to hear this!! Now time to get the show on the road to deal with the “one”…you got this!!! xoxo


  2. Been thinking of you constantly – so glad you got some good news. I hope you plan a party for the “book burning” of the breast cancer guide so that we can celebrate with you when this is all over. 😘


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