A little too much excitement on this end…

SO.  That was interesting!

Got to the hospital early (of course!), got my radioactive injections for the sentinel nodes to slurp up, and was then taken in for my paravertebral block.  This procedure numbs the entire front of the chest so that less general anesthesia is required – and thus, in theory, there is less post-anesthesia nausea and vomiting.

The paravertebral block involves lying on your stomach while the docs use an ultrasound to find just the right spot to inject the anesthesia.  They even give you some extra “happy juice” in your IV, so I felt great and the procedure really didn’t hurt much at all.

About ten minutes later I was about to be whisked away for surgery, and I started to feel dizzy – so I told the nurse this, and the next thing you know I wake up to someone doing chest compressions on me and an ambu bag on my face.  Ummmm, WHAT JUST HAPPENED PLEASE???

Turns out I fainted (which has happened to me several times when I’m really dehydrated and/or have a stomach bug).  Then, however, my heart stopped beating for roughly 20 seconds and I stopped breathing as well.  Hence the chest compressions, air bag and big dose of a medication called atropine to get my pulse and heart rate back to normal.  Apparently the paravertebral block somehow inhibited my body’s ability to come back from fainting, and add on to that that I was already dehydrated and had “happy juice” which lowers your blood pressure anyway.

I’m totally completely fine now though, which is all that matters.  I’m up and about, eating and drinking, etc.

Surgery is postponed until Friday and can you guess what I WON’T be getting next time?  No damn paravertebral block, that’s for sure!!

Thanks for all the love, well wishes and prayers.  I’m gonna need ‘me again on Friday!!



18 thoughts on “A little too much excitement on this end…

  1. Oh Alex, that must have been so scary for you and Austin. I’m sorry that you have to wait a few more days, but so glad you are alright. You are in my thoughts!


  2. No words, Alex. You are so brave and smart and witty and educational, even in the face of all of this. What an inspiration you are to all of us. Sending a TON of love to you and Austin. Hang in there – I am remarking my calendar for more positive thoughts on Friday. XoxoxoB


  3. Oh my God, Alex. Can’t believe it. So sorry you have to go through this again but thank God you came out of it all right. Much love and please keep us updated.


  4. You can’t just keep it simple. Had to get all fancy! Do I need to bring noodles tomorrow? I didn’t see this coming… Love, love, love you!!!


  5. Holy crap Alex! Scary stuff! I hope Austin was oblivious to all of this until afterwards! I was thinking of you and actually standing next to a cancer survivor when my calendar reminder went off! She is here at Disney World with her family celebrating life. Good luck on Friday and I will send you more positive energy on Friday. Love Laura


  6. Alex,
    So glad to hear you’re up and at it you little tough cookie! Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! You’re a fighter! Dedicating 🎶”Hit me with your best shot”🎶 song to you, we’ll deserved.
    Love you!


  7. Seriously girl…holy crap!! Couldnt just go in and get er done….had to go all crazy chest compression on us!!! Im glad youre okay, Im sorry you have to wait till Friday….but all good things come to those who wait…somehow I am sure that isnt comforting to you right now..youre just ready to get the show on the road!!
    Take care girl…thinking of you….


  8. Alex, I cannot even imagine how it must have felt to wake up like that. I have no idea how you managed to compose yourself enough to write this blog a few hours later. You are the very definition of strength and grace under pressure. Thank God you are ok.


  9. Oh my gosh Alex! My jaw literally dropped when I read your post! And even after you had atropine and chest compressions you’re still blogging! You are one tough cookie! If you can get through that you can get through anything! Friday will be here before you know it and you’ll finally be able to kick that cancer’s butt! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!


  10. Wow Alex! I’m am so glad your alright. Cant believe it and here you are writting in your blog. TG!
    You are amazing!!! Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way on Friday…


  11. OMG ALEX!!!!!!. Are you kidding me right now! I am so sorry you went through all that today. Stay strong girl, I am sending you biggest hugs! Now I definitely need Austin’s cell # Steve and I will be at MGH for Tyler’s surgery on Friday, maybe we can meet up with Austin while we wait for you and TC. Sending you lots of Love! ❤


  12. I was just catching up on my emails and texts and I saw your message— sweet Jesus!! Well, clearly a little a-systole never stopped you!! Way to keep them on their toes Alex!!
    Seriously though, here you are blogging, but emotionally I hope you’re doing alright! And Austin! It’s an unbelievable roller coaster you’re on. Put today behind you, and try to stay distracted as you wait for Friday now. Get ‘er done girlfriend! Xo Tanya
    Call if you need anything, please!!


  13. Omg. I’m just so glad you are ok. My whole flight I was worried what happened! I’ll be back from Germany and can go to hospital on Friday.


  14. Oh. My. freaking goodness Alex!!!!!! I’m soooooo glad that you are ok and that God was protecting you and had his angels surrounding you!! I will be praying hardcore for you… Thankyou Lord for keeping Alex alive! That is so freaky!! Praise praise praise the Lord you are ok! Xoxoxoxoxo love you Alex my darling!!!


  15. Alex, I can’t imagine how terrifying that must have been. I’m so so sorry you had to go through that experience. I can’t imagine how upsetting it was for Austin as well. Now that you’ve gotten that out of the way, you are all set for a straightforward drama-free surgery on Friday. Thinking of you always,


  16. That’s so scary! I swear the weirdest/scariest stuff happens to people in the medical field! I’m so glad you’re ok! I’ll be sending all my positive vibes to you and your family on Friday!


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