Alex made it through surgery OK.  Everything went well.  They did find cancer in the right side lymph nodes but we will deal with that later.  Right now just happy she made it through surgery OK.  Hope to see her in 2-3 hours when she comes out of recovery.


13 thoughts on “Update

  1. So glad she made it through surgery! So sorry to hear they found more cancer in the lymph nodes! This is going to be a long journey but we are all here for you guys! Sending lots of love and positive thoughts. Stay strong Austin! ❤️ Xoxo


  2. I thought of you both all day. Very glad to hear the surgery is over. I’m here if there is anything you need, anytime of the day or night. Please keep us posted on the details about the nodes. Sending lots and lots of love. XoxoxoB


  3. Thanks for the update, we’ve been thinking of you both all day. One step at a time, you’ve got a great medical team and friends and family who are with you. Love you guys!


  4. “Hero”
    “An ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacle.”
    – Christopher Reeve

    You are a hero to many Alex! 🙂 xoxo
    Love you and love being inspired by you. 🙂


  5. Sending you well wishes and love. Keep up the amazing positive attitude you have showed so far. You’ll get through this!


  6. You are in our thoughts and prayers! Thanks for the update! Glad to hear surgery went ok. As for the rest, your a fighter and can win this battle!!!


  7. Thank you for the info, Austin. Please send my love to Alex and please give her a big hug from me. Hope you’re okay. Love to all of you’ Nan


    • Surgery is behind you….moving onward and upward! You’re a strong lady, and a strong family, with the best people backing you up—an amazing medical team, family and friends who will see you conquer this!! Stay positive! Xo The Ohanesian’s


  8. Dear Alex, Hoping today brings you smiles, love, laughter and some warm sunshine. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Xo, Cathy


  9. So happy surgery went well and not so happy on the other. You are very stong willed and will keep knocking down anything standing in your way to be happy and healthy.
    Stay strong Bradstreet family you’ll get through this. Were here if you need anything please don’t hesitate. Thoughts
    and prayers coming all day and everyday. Hugs 🌻

    and prayers coming all day,everyday.


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