Hurry up and wait.

If you know me well, you know patience is most assuredly NOT my forte.

The surgeon just called to tell me that my pathology isn’t done yet.  But we did set up a tentative time to meet with her, a medical oncologist and radiation oncologist to discuss my treatment plan moving forward.  June 15th, in the afternoon sometime yet to be determined.  She said her “gut feeling” is that I will need both chemo and radiation.

Ok.  Two weeks.


A wonderful friend will be bringing me here tomorrow:

I’ve heard so many positive things about it – it’s a cancer support center offering all sorts of services from support groups to Tai Chi.  I’ve referred patients there before, but of course didn’t expect that I would be going myself.

Back to the couch for me now, where my book “Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips” awaits me…




3 thoughts on “Hurry up and wait.

  1. Hi Alex!
    Truly I was JUST reading about the Crazy Sexy line of books that was a link through an Ayurvedic site. I love Deepak Chopra. Wish I could fly right out to his center.
    Enjoy Tai Chi. Be well


  2. Both the Healing Garden and the book are great things to align yourself with. Information and commiseration is the way to go!! Anything lighthearted that can be a distraction is helpful too!! Chin up, buttercup! Glad we could have a nice little chat today……xo Tanya


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