Pathology 101

I got the pathology results today, and I wish I could say they were better…

I’ll start with the left side, since that was my “good” side: extensive DCIS, no lymph node involvement, thus stage 0.

As for the right side:

Three areas of invasive cancer were there, ranging in size from 4.5mm to 7mm.  Seems pretty small, eh?  Well, not small enough.

Fourteen lymph nodes were removed on the right side.  Eight of them were positive for cancer cells – 6 were “macro-metastatic” and 2 were “micro-metastatic”.  Macro means bigger, or more involvement of the cancer cells.  Macro is not good when you’re talking about cancer and lymph nodes.

Up next: CT scan of my chest, abdomen and pelvis, as well as a bone scan (date/time TBD).  These will check for any areas of metastatic cancer in my body.  To say that I’m terrified is an understatement.  To say that I’m pissed off beyond imagination is also an understatement.

I think I’m going to bury my head in the sand until I get the results of those scans though.

Please keep the positive thoughts and prayers a-comin’…clearly I need them!!!



12 thoughts on “Pathology 101

  1. I just want to scream for you. I’m so sorry you are going through this. You are in my thoughts and though this isn’t the news you wanted to hear, I know you will face this and fight. We are here for you!


  2. This is as far as these cells go! Little shitty cells. That’s it! Nothing more!

    May love and peace find you in this. Sending prayers, always!


  3. There is nothing else to say but that sucks. I’m pissed off for you. But you have had an amazing attitude so far so don’t stop now. F cancer and the malignant cells it rode in on. Thinking good thoughts for you in meantime.


  4. Uuugh! %$#@ that! You’ve got this Alex….God and all of us are with you. Focus on the fight and the love from your family…allow the troops to assist. Relish in the good night kisses and hugs from your fam….the rest will get done.


  5. I wanna scream too! Not the news any of us were hoping for………So sorry you are going through all this. You are in amazing hands with these Dr.s and girl your one hell of a fighter! Try to keep your chin up and know you are LOVED a lot. Sending you biggest HUGS!~


  6. F$&8 You!!! You smelly negative old man cancer. You are the boss of you! Remember, breathe. You’ve. Got. This. Repeat, You’ve. Got. This!!!!! Bad day gone. Xo


  7. Oh, Alex- John and I are here together and already praying for you. Oh, sweetie, so sorry this is all happening to you. We are here for you for anything we can do to help and we love you very much.


  8. Alex, this cancer clearly doesn’t know who it’s messing with! You are courage and strength and it will not win. Sending positive thoughts and prayers ❤


  9. Agree with Audra. EFF YOU cancer. Close your eyes and pretend it’s Kudzu or Virginia Creeper in your prize rose
    garden and WEED LIKE HELL!

    Love you sistah!


  10. You are one of the most strongest women I know: physically, emotionally, spiritually…. These cells have NO chance of surviving in you!! BELIEVE! We all believe in you Alex, we all believe in how strong your amazing body is! Xoxo 💗 🙏💗


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