Here we go, yo

It’s go time.  Infusion #1 today.


Please note I’m wearing my pink Wonder Woman t-shirt in which I will kick cancer’s ass!!!



23 thoughts on “Here we go, yo

  1. You are beautiful and strong and cancer has no chance against you! On a practical note, do you have access to Wifi there? If so, download the app for Spotify, which is a great music app that gives you free access to a zillion more songs than most other sites. If you pay a monthly fee, you have more control and options. I can find you a coupon code if you’re interested. Just email me. Or I can call you and sing any song you want on request! No guarantee as to pitch or accurate lyrics.


  2. Alright lady, time to show cancer who’s boss!! Thinking nothing but the best for you during your treatments, and hollah if you need anything at all!


  3. Kicking ass and taking names!! I love you Alex!!! Praying for you babe! Let me know if ou need anything! Love you to the moon and back and you are soooo strong and amazing!! Xoxoxo


  4. Alex, You do not know me, but I have you on my prayer list. I have read everything you have shared; laughed with you, and cried with you. BTW, I was just diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago. Going back to Moffitt Cancer, Tampa, Florida tomorrow. Wednesday will be pre-op day, and then the BIG surgery (double masectomy, and tissue expanders) on July 22nd, 7:15 A. M. I have Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, and praying it is not in my lymph nodes. All this is in my right breast. Everything you wrote is just about everything I am experiencing. I will continue praying for you. You are quite an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your journey to date. XOXO, Janis


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