Population: me.

Might have something to do with this:


I don’t think I’ve ever had that many prescription bottles at one time.  Ever.

Tuesday was rough, but each day has been getting progressively better.  I’ve been able to get out on a walk every day since tuesday, and even ran a few errands yesterday and today.

My problem is going to be boredom, I can already tell…I’m not one to just sit on the couch or watch TV for hours….so this will be a test for me.  I’ll need you all to keep reminding me that this is temporary, and that tomorrow is another – better – day.

I just wanted to check in and let everyone know that I’m okay, I’m hangin’ in there – and for the meantime, so is my hair!

Perhaps it’s time for me to learn knitting or needlepoint?? 😉



4 thoughts on “Zombieland…

  1. Never too late to plant some more veggies Alex! A lot of veggies get sweeter with a touch of frost… So plant some beets, kale, collards, stuff like that… Just sayin’. ;-b

    Your friend in gardening


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  2. I’d vote for a cocktail garden 🙂 A friend at work does one with mint, lemongrass, basil and a few others then finds recipes for all kinds of fun ways to add to teas or drinks. Of course, you could always get a puppy, that’d keep you busy!


  3. Hi Alex,
    Counting down the days, hours, and minutes for my return to Moffitt Cancer, and the BIG surgery. This waiting period between the diagnosis and surgery is very strange. On one hand I like having the time to plan, organize, and get ready; on the other hand this is not like planning a fabulous party, or going to a special event… It is my breast cancer surgery! Yikes!

    So I read your blog about the rough day, but then each day getting progressively better; and, taking walks, running some errands, etc. All good! BTW, did you have the tissue expanders put in during your surgery? If yes, when will you begin the expansion injections?

    So I will say good night now, and remind you that tomorrow will be a much better day. And, all this is only temporary. Have sweet dreams and a peaceful night. Will be saying prayers for your healing, and full recovery.

    P. S. I have been knitting and doing needlepoint since I was 5 years old. If you need some instruction, let me know, lol!

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  4. Actually, Alex, when I was pregnant with both my kids (and couldn’t write because I was still smoking back then and the two were inseparable to me then) I did take up both knitting and needlepoint and I gotta tell you- it was fun! I knit scarves for people to give as Christmas presents and I knit 2 small throw blankets that I still have. The needlepoint was fun for making toss pillows, etc. – I also made cards- like birthday cards, cards for friends, etc. with water colors and cut out things from collage books. So maybe one of those things? Love you, sweetie.


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