It’s a hill…get over it.

That’s one of my favorite running quotes.  I’ve got another one that I’ll share with you in a bit.

I think this first one is so wonderful because the “hill” metaphor can apply to so many situations in life.  Whatever your challenge may be, consider it a hill.  And you need to get over that hill, whether it’s a literal or figurative hill.  The only thing standing between you and your goal is that damn hill.  No matter how big or small the hill, it’s still something you have to gear up and change your pace for, tweak your posture, focus on breathing.  One breath at a time.  Ninety-nine percent of that damn hill is mental though.  So that’s why, when I’m out for a run and I see a big one cresting in the distance, I repeat that phrase in my head.  Just get over it. Just. Get. Over. It.

I had a few small hills in life this past week.  One was getting my hair cut, and the other was picking out my wigs.  Both pertaining to my hair, or soon-to-be lack thereof.  I think these few pictures will speak for themselves:




And then the finished product:


Not too shabby, eh??  Having not had short hair since about the Fifth grade, I think I’ll be returning to this chic style when my hair grows back in 🙂  The hair-cutting experience was a great experience (not really a hill at all, actually), but it helps that I have a great relationship/friendship/bond with my awesome stylist.  She’s da bomb, for reals.  And, I think I look like my mom with my short ‘do, which is a very good thing.  Trust me.

Now, the wigs.  They look great, they really do – it’s absolutely amazing how realistic the synthetic wigs are.  Our health insurance covers the cost of one wig ($350), but even better than that is my I-have-the-best-MOM-on-Earth-EVER bought me a second wig.  So I’ve got two looks to work with now!  I went up to the store twice, for the initial trying on and then back to try on the styles in different colors and make the final purchase.  We had a different salesperson each time, and let me tell ya, that made a big difference in the experience.  So those trips felt like more of a “hill”, because I’m not really psyched about losing my hair…but I do plan on rockin’ my bald noggin (when life gives you lemons, right??)…and for when I feel like it, I’ve got these:

IMG_5484 IMG_5483

I’m taking a survey on any stage names I can use while sporting these puppies out and about town – Trixie?  Anastasia?  Lol, let’s get creative people.

So, let’s get back to the hills.  Think about what your hill might be right now.  Think about how you can kick that hill’s a$s and take it’s name.  Now is the time to motivate and start your climb.  Know that I’m there climbing beside you, and we’ve got each other’s backs.  There’s really nothing like the feeling of cresting a big hill, knowing that you DID IT even though it might have sucked and been painful.  That gratification is worth every second of pain – YOU did it.

Oh, and there’s one more thing you should know about me – and it just happens to be my other favorite running quote:



Chemo #2 is in the books, which means I’m 50% done with the AC portion and 25% done overall.  YESSSSSS!!!



14 thoughts on “It’s a hill…get over it.

  1. Alex! You look wonderful!!! Thinking of you and sending you healing wishes everyday. Love both wigs. Very chic! What about a head wrap? There’s some very cute and sexy ones out there. Just sayn for another option. As far as getting over the hill goes. You will do it! You will do it! Eat this hill up and spit it out!!! You got this Trixie!!! ;-)✌

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  2. You look GORGEOUS in the new ‘do and also the wigs – for reals. BTW – speaking of wigs, look up Lolly’s Locks —
    If there is anything that organization can do to help you, please let me know — I am close with the founder. Though I don’t think you need any more wigs!
    Big hills, deep breaths, and cheers to you for being such an inspiration. XOXO


  3. Alex,
    You look amazing and sassy rocking all the looks! Thank you for being an inspiration to us all. You are so strong and positive on this long journey you have embarked on! Your hill will be behind you before you know it! Hoping the next few days aren’t as rough as the last Chemo session you had. Thinking of you and sending you biggest hugs! I am only a text or call away if you need me. Love ya my friend!

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  4. I have nothing but pure admiration for you, Alex. You are so way beyond your years in wisdom, and your generosity of spirit is like nothing else I’ve encountered. You truly do inspire everyone around you, including those of us who are just a tad older. Plus you’re beautiful. Fantastic wigs. Hope this week’s chemo aftermath isn’t too bad. Sending you tons of love.

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  5. You are sooo awesome and inspiring! I’m gonna go run some hills now😊
    LOVE LOVE LOVE all 3 new hairstyles!
    I vote “Sasha” for your stage name on wig #2.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Alex…you are amazing and continue to inspire!! You are going to crush the hill!!! Gorgeous in all the hair DO’s!! Thinking of you and wishing you continued strength. Keep that kick ass attitude and determination. I think all the name ideas above are great…I love “Tink”. xoxo


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