So it begins…


I made it to day 20 of treatment before “The Great Hair Release” really began, but now it’s time.  Head shaving party tonight.  Mi casa, 6pm.

On a lighter note, I tolerated the second round much better than the first.  I’d like to think it was the acupuncture which helped, because I didn’t really make any other changes to my regimen.

So stayed tuned for shaving pics….



6 thoughts on “So it begins…

  1. You are so brave my friend and you are going to be one beautiful bald lady!! Your eyes and smile say it all…and those are not going anywhere.



  2. So glad to hear the second round went better…stay strong! You are so inspiring Alex. I’ll be thinking of you…especially today. xoxo


  3. Love you my friend, hair or no hair!!! Enjoy your company tonight, it’ll help make head shaving a lot better!! Xoxo—Tanya


  4. wish I could be there to support you tonight, Alex. You are amazing and those wigs are gorgeous on you. I bet it turns out that your head is perfectly shaped and that you look amazing smooth and shiny too 🙂


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