Salt in the wound…

I have shingles.  That’s the salt in my wound right now.

It started early last week with a strange soreness and tenderness on my skin over my right hip.  It felt like a sunburn, but one that went below the skin.  It was kind of achy no matter what I did.  That sensation spread in what we (in the medical field) call a “dermatomal” pattern across my abdomen and back – basically in a band, but only on one side of my body.  I was just waiting for the rash to appear…but my plans were to head to Nantucket on wednesday to see my family – so we went.  Within hours of our arrival, I noticed a cluster of little red bumps where I was feeling the discomfort – basically a classic shingles presentation.  Thankfully, my father is a physician and confirmed what I already knew, and got me started on anti-viral medication.

My oncologist’s office wasn’t happy about prescribing me medication over the phone….but thanks to today’s technology, I was able to email pictures of my rash to them (kinda cool!).

Unfortunately, my chemo for monday is canceled…and rescheduled for thursday afternoon.  So my first Taxol infusion will be a late one – not starting until 3pm and it takes 3 hours to infuse (and that doesn’t include the pre-medications).  The nurse I usually have for my infusions doesn’t work on thursdays, which stinks.

So it’s a salty annoyance, but it could definitely be worse.

And right now I’m on Nantucket with my family, so life here isn’t rough 🙂



11 thoughts on “Salt in the wound…

  1. Alex,

    I am so sorry to hear you have shingles! Girl you are one tough cookie! I am so glad to hear you are with your family trying to enjoy some down time. I hope you start to feel better soon. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything. Sending you biggest hugs. Xoxo


  2. Grrr! I will be angry on your behalf. That stinks! NOT FAIR!! And I know how uncomfortable shingles can be . Hang in there, Sunshine. And happy early anniversary to you and my boy Austin.

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  3. Hi Alex, So sorry you have shingles; I had shingles some years ago, and was MISERABLE!!! But while you have much discomfort, Nantucket will be a great place to chill and heal. Wish I was there, especially because I am in Florida, and it looks as though Hurricane Ericka might pay us a visit on Monday. Just what we need!!!

    BTW, we finally returned home this week. Love, love, love my bed, pillows, etc. Before leaving Moffitt Cancer, I had my first “expansion” which was as alien as everything else thus far. Also, this week had an appointment with the oncology doctor referred to me by my surgeon. This is another baby step! Discussed the likelihood of Tamoxifen (or one of three other newer drugs); and he wants the ONCO test done to determine the need for chemo. Did you have the ONCO on your pathology?

    Getting sleepy now. Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers always.

    Love and blessings, Janis

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    • Hi Janis – so glad you’re home in your own surroundings, that makes such a difference! I didn’t have the ONCO testing done because the cancer was already in my lymph nodes, putting me in stage 3 as far as cancer goes – so I was getting chemo no matter what. Please keep me posted on your recovery, and let me know the outcome of everything. Prayers for a speedy recovery!! Alex


  4. I’m so sorry Rarex. Being so uncomfortable plus the added frustration of postponing a treatment is a bitter combination. Love to you and your family. I think a trip to the Juice Bar is in order if you can manage it. Xoxo


  5. Oh, Alex- damn! So completely unfair (as is ALL of it)! Does the shingles inter-relate in any way with the cancer or the chemo? Just can’t believe it. So sorry you have to go through all this hell. Please use the beach as much as you want while you’re here. Sending you much love and many prayers.

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  6. Aaagh….so sorry Alex!! Glad you got the meds asap and hope you are feeling better soon. You continue to amaze and inspire me…hang in there. Keep that kick ass attitude and determination going. Sending hugs your way. xo

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