No dice.

Good thing I was able to email in another set of pictures of my shingles rash to my oncologist today – saved me three hours of commuting tomorrow, that’s for sure.

I’ve been pushed back another week, until next thursday, for my first Taxol infusion.  They want the rash “pretty much gone” so that no one else can potentially get infected (which is close to impossible).

The planner in me is beyond frustrated and annoyed.  I’m trying hard not to dwell there in that negative place.

On a brighter note, I’m going to have Henna done on my head this friday….why not take advantage of my baldness, as this will hopefully never happen again??  Pics to follow.

Patience is a virtue, as they say.  Definitely not my forte…perhaps a learning experience for me as well…



3 thoughts on “No dice.

  1. Sorry, Alex, about the delays. Things have been tough, but you always seem to be tougher. Hope the boys’ first day of school was fun for them both. The pictures of them were jubilant. Such great kids. Love to you.


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