My crowning moment

A henna crown, that is.  Google it.

What an incredible experience, and I quite literally could not have imagined how amazing this would have turned out.  Yet another dear friend had arranged for this to happen, after over-hearing a conversation at her hair salon about someone local that does henna.  A young woman, who is an art student and merely 21 years of age, was able to create an absolute masterpiece on my head**.  My only input was that I seemed to like the floral designs of henna, and that I didn’t want it to look like a hat or cap on my head.  She went to work immediately, and did THIS, completely off the top of her head.  All freestyle.  And absolutely amazing:


For those who are not familiar with henna, it is an all-natural paste that is applied to the skin which then stains the skin.  You remove the paste 8+ hours later, and then the stain remains for 7-21 days depending on how often you clean the area.  This morning, my 5-year old, Chace, helped me take off the paste:


The end result is this, and the pictures don’t really do it justice:

IMG_5958 IMG_5974 IMG_5975

This past week had been a tough one for me, emotionally.  I really just felt like the wind was taken out of my sails…my “oomph” just wanted to take a nap.  Having the henna done and spending time with my wonderful friend were just what the doctor ordered.  The initial liberation of being bald had worn off and it was feeling old…the henna is so unique and special that I welcome the stares from strangers.  Austin and I went out to dinner tonight for our twelfth wedding anniversary.  Gibbet Hill restaurant in Groton, it’s a little on the upscale side.  I was nervous about going there “sans” wig – this would be my first outing without a hat or other cover-up, but I was determined to show off the artwork on my head:


I did it.  And we got dessert on the house.


** You can find my henna artist, Gabby K., on instagram: @stainedswirls, and on facebook:


11 thoughts on “My crowning moment

  1. I love your spirit Alex—you have definitely pulled this henna thing off!! Whatever makes you feel beautiful, and you ARE beautiful. Inside and out!
    Happy anniversary lovey!

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  2. Turned out absolutely beautiful!!
    And so are you…gorgeous 💟
    Happy 12th Anniversary…I wish you many more to come!! xoxo
    Gibbett Hill is a fantastic restaurant
    Happy you both enjoyed your special dinner out!

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  3. Love the Henna art, Alex. Hoping it was fun and uplifting; and praying the shingles are healing, with the pain subsiding. Wow, this journey we are taking has so many ups and downs…!

    I have an oncology appointment this Wednesday, and then back to Moffitt Cancer/Tampa this Thursday. I have enjoyed my three weeks at home, but the time has flown by; this trip will be short thank goodness.

    BTW, we had our wedding anniversary this week-end too. Very casual and sweet! We both love football (college and NFL), and the distraction is just what we needed.

    Would love to phone talk to you, if possible; hearing your voice would be great. Let me know if you are up to a chat! Meanwhile, sending you prayers and blessings.

    XOXO, Janis

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