When it’s good to be boring.

It’s good to be a boring patient.  Especially when you’re getting chemotherapy!

NOBODY wants to be “that” patient (like when I had cardiac arrest before surgery, for example)…the one everyone talks about at grand rounds, or in research articles or around the lunch table that day.

Thankfully, I wasn’t that patient today.  Apparently this second round of chemo medication has a pretty significant rate of allergic reactions.  To help avoid this, I was given a big dose of steroids, pepcid (yes, it blocks stomach acid, but also helps to block histamine which is part of an allergic reaction) and the equivalent of two tablets of benadryl.  People tend to either get jittery or completely zonked out on benadryl.  I’m the latter…it felt like I was drunken sailor slurring my words – but my awesome sister-in-law (today’s ride home and chemo cheerleader) swears that I wasn’t 😉

We had good food, great conversation, AND she brought me presents – pictured below is the Pandora bracelet charm which is a boxing glove with a pink ribbon on it.  So cute!  Chemo round 5 was a good one:

IMG_6007 IMG_6005

I’ve started reading a book called “Anti-Cancer” by David Servan-Schreiber, which I can already highly recommend.  He was a neuropsychologist and researcher who battled brain cancer for almost 20 years.  He talks about what foods are best to prevent cancer, encourages regular exercise, but also talks about the importance of having good support and a healthy emotional mind.  In his research he found that patients with good support networks had better survival rates.  I want to take a moment to say thank you to ALL OF YOU for being my amazing support network.  I feel so privileged to have you all in my life.  Knowing that you are all cheering me on has allowed me to keep my positive attitude while I kick cancer’s ass 🙂

Keep the good thoughts and prayers coming, folks.



8 thoughts on “When it’s good to be boring.

  1. You forgot to mention what a celebrity Rock Star you were…everyone was commenting on her beautiful Henna tattoo and one guy even took a picture!! So honored to be with you yesterday. XXOO

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  2. Love the Henna, Alex. Nola explained to me all about the healing and spiritual aspects. You just seem to continue (with your mother’s utter determination) to discover and utilize every possible resource. The best of all, of course, is your own indomitable spirit. And your natural beauty has never been more evident. God what bone structure- what a face! John and I send you tons of love and prayers.

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