Another one bites the dust, another one bites the dust….

Just in case you now need the lyrics to that Queen song, here they are…and, you’re welcome:

Chemo #6 bit the dust today, which means I’m 75% DONE with chemo and have only TWO infusions left.  HOORAY!!!


Yet another fabulous friend from college accompanied me today, bringing lots of memories and good laughter.  I brought our Bates yearbook, and she brought a photo album of college pictures….and let me tell you, we had some wonderful jaunts down memory lane – many of you who read this blog should have felt your ears burning today 🙂

This particular friend who came with me today was (and is) a notorious partner in crime, both in college and afterwards.  I’ve got proof of our shenanigans from not too long ago, when I had hair…and eyebrows…


I think my half-mast eyes say it all, lol.  We’ve got over 20 years of pictures like this one, so there’s no way chemotherapy or cancer were going to get in our way:


Screw you, cancer.  You lose.  <<cue chorus of Queen’s above-mentioned song>>



7 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust, another one bites the dust….

  1. LOVE that Liza was with you. So funny that I know you both from two parts of my life. Sending love and laughter and everything your way. 2 more to go!!!


  2. Alex!
    Another one gone and another gone Another one bites the dust Hey!Hey! Yeah 2 more to go! That is sooo awesome!!! You look great Wonder woman! Thinking of you and send positive thoughts your way always .🌻
    Love those dime slot eyes hahaha…


  3. ALEX…You are amazing!!! I love these pictures and love to know that Eliza was there with you. I so wish I had known you better at Bates…so great that you two had a trip down memory lane. Most exciting is to know that you are 75% done with chemo…way to kick some cancer ass!!! I am continuing to send positive thoughts and wishes for strength for you, as you continue this fight. You are so inspiring. xoxo


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