Fin.  The French word for DONE.

There were lots of hugs, and lots of cupcakes.  I happily close this chapter of my “journey” to kick cancer’s evil, ugly butt.  And a visit from another dear college friend made it even better.  More than anything, I’m just relieved that chemotherapy is over.  OVER!!!!!  🙂

download_20151019_142836 download_20151019_142844


Looking ahead, I’ve got my second surgery on 11/9 and will then go for what’s called a “simulation” appointment for radiation (they map out where to aim the radiation rays) the day before Thanksgiving.  Radiation will start about two weeks later and run into the middle of January.

So, there are still more hills for me to “eat for breakfast”, but I will take them on one hill at a time…I’m still hungry…

Can’t wait to see what my hair looks like when it starts growing out!



9 thoughts on “Fin.

  1. Congrats, Alex! Another milestone on your journey. Onward and upward! And it is pretty cool watching your hair grow back, although the chemo curls can be a bit challenging, lol.

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