Tomorrow is the big day…I say “buh-bye” to the tissue expanders and get my real, permanent implants.  Who ever thought I’d be blogging about getting my breast implants….

Tomorrow also marks three weeks since my last chemo.  I have to say that in the last week I’ve noticed my energy coming back a bit at a time.  I was even able to run 3.5 miles today without stopping – my first full run since about May 18th – and included a monster of a hill which I…can you guess?…ate for breakfast! 🙂

As for my hair, there’s some peach fuzz starting up there.  It’s very fine and wispy, sort of brownish-blondish…except for the grey ones which, of course, like to stand up stick-straight.  I have a feeling there will be an awkward phase worse than adolescence in my future.  Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to take and post some pics so you can all laugh along with me!

So.  Surgery tomorrow, bright and early – we have to be at the hospital for 5:30am, with surgery scheduled for 7:45am.  While you’re eating your bowl of Cheerios tomorrow morning, be sure to throw some positive thoughts my way, ok??  I hope to be home by early afternoon if all goes well…no more excitement like the first time I went in for surgery!!!

Here are my parting sentiments:




14 thoughts on “Domani

  1. Another milestone for you Alex! And just like you ate that hill for breakfast running, you shall conquer tomorrow’s challenge as well! Take care, lady! xoxo Tanya

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  2. Hey Pretty Lady!

    Good Luck tomorrow, This is going to be a piece of cake…..YOU GOT THIS!~ I will be waiting for an update! (not patiently I might add)
    Nothing but Positive thoughts and prayers for you tomorrow!!!

    Love you my friend,


  3. Alex- I missed this one, too. So glad the surgery did go well. I can’t believe you ran over 3 miles! You put the rest of us to shame (at least me – I feel proud of myself after a 20 minute walk) Will double check list of FB notices from now on. Love to you- Nan

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