And that, my friends, is a wrap…

Or maybe I should have called this post “For whom the bell tolls”…because today, the bell was all mine:


And of course I was lucky enough to have one of my besties with me:

Then we met yet another one of my besties, and did the only appropriate thing:


I’ve crossed the finish line of my nine-month ultra-marathon.  It’s done.  Over.  Kaput.

I’m sure I’ll have more reflections and something more poignant to say/write in the coming days and weeks…

But for right now, I’m going to go enjoy that Prosecco.

Cheers, XOXOXO!!!!  🙂


14 thoughts on “And that, my friends, is a wrap…

  1. You are such an inspiration my friend….you definitely faced this whole thing with class and determination….Cant wait to have your smiling face back in the office!! We sure have missed you! xoxoxo


  2. YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you, so relieved for you, and so incredibly impressed. I think about you every day, Rarex. You are in my mind and my heart always. You did it!


  3. Alex, I am so happy you have finally reached the end of this long journey. I applaud your determination and your strength. See you soon.


  4. YESSSSS!!!!! I am so happy for you Alex…you are one amazing and tough woman. Glad you are celebrating. Healthy and happy wishes for 2016. xoxo


  5. Hallelujah babe!!!!!! So proud of you, so brave and strong! Love you sooooo much and rejoicing that you got to ring that bell and that u had some of your besties to celebrate w you! You’re amazing and beautiful and surely an inspiration to us all! Love you babe!! Xoxoxo


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